A new type of immersive learning
game for the Big Bad World...

  • Social Combat: Battle against unhelpful idiots!
  • Embrace the Cringe: Learn through humiliation!
  • In a rush? Learn USEFUL Spanish fast!

Big Bad Spanish is a game based on my own epic struggle to learn Spanish.

I tried everything; books, websites, apps, podcasts…

But now I know that traditional learning methods stink and can’t actually prepare you for the Big Bad World.

Immersion, brute force and humiliating trial and error is the most effective method to learn any language.

BBS uses realistic branching conversations with consequences.

What you choose to say can completely change the course of the conversation...for good and bad.

Every character in BBS has different a Patience Level, some are nice and will ignore slip-ups while others will kick you to the kerb after just one goof.

You learn by getting knocked down, brushing yourself off and trying again.

Every level has a Boss who must be battled and defeated using everything you have just learned.

What makes BBS unique?

The characters you meet are mostly based on real people and realistic conversations.

From mumbling Columbians to stuck up Barcelonian bureaucrats, every character has a unique accent and personality, from friendly to downright hostile.

You will meet people from every corner of the Spanish speaking world.

And by interacting with and battling cranky hotel receptionists, sleazy taxi drivers, flirty waitresses, scuzzy muggers etc you WILL learn to speak commando Spanish naturally and with confidence in every situation.

Real language skills for the Real World

Learning a new language is hard.

Most people learn Spanish in a classroom environment where there is safety in numbers and you practice with the same, bland and helpful characters.

So it’s not surprising to feel disheartened and frustrated when you meet a real Spanish speaker who does not follow the rules.

Get out of your comfort zone.

Jump into the deep end.

So what next?

There will be regular updates to the game and a crowdfunding effort in 2014.

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I need help!

Creating a game is a huge undertaking, the current version features my own rough artwork truly awful programming skills.

I need help with Development, Design and Voice talent.

About me

Favourite Beatle: Ringo
Favourite saying:
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designed by committee

My name is Bob Byrne and Big Bad Spanish is all me.

Its based on my own real world struggles trying to learn Spanish through a mix of humiliating trial and error and brute force.

Big Bad Spanish is the project I was I born to make. It combines everything I've learned about comics, storytelling, game design and didactic methodologies.

I write and draw comic books. I´m originally from Dublin, Ireland. Right now I’m living in Malta.

Check out my other language ideas: Dr. Moku, a foolproof system for learning Japanese and Arabic Quick which aims to breakdown the walls to learning Arabic.

Stay tuned.

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